We design more paint and vinyl schemes for more aircraft worldwide

than any other designers.  From factory paint schemes, to

airliner liveries, to the paint or vinyl scheme on your personal aircraft, 

no one does it better!







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Scheme Designers is the world's leading design company devoted exclusively to the design of aircraft paint schemes.  We work closely with aircraft owners and operators to custom design the "perfect" paint scheme for your aircraft.


Our flat fee paint scheme design programs allow you unlimited design effort for as long as you want until the perfect paint scheme and colors are selected for your airplane.  Our programs include:


A preliminary design discussion to determine the styles you like.

Preparation of initial designs, each shown in multiple color combinations.

Unlimited paint scheme design changes until the perfect design is completed.

Assistance with color selection.

Preparation of detailed specifications providing layout and dimensional information for your paint shop.


We have designed schemes for thousands of clients.  Our customer list contains many general aviation and business aviation aircraft manufacturers for whom we have prepared factory paint schemes, including companies such as Piper, Mooney, Aviat, Eclipse, Socata, Ibis, Schweitzer and Tiger.  We have also completed special custom schemes for new Cessna, Bell, Pilatus and Beechcraft clients.


Scheme Designers also designs the paint schemes for the AOPA Sweepstakes aircraft, including the Millennium Mooney, 2001 Bonanza and Win-A-Twin Twin Comanche.


Be sure to visit our sample projects section.  Every aircraft shown is the end result of an actual design project.  Many of the sample projects include photos of the paint aircraft as well.


For help selecting a paint shop, visit our aircraft paint shop referral list.  This list is composed of company with whom we have work frequently, and about whom we have received many positive reports from our clients.


To see a sample client project, visit the AOPA Win-A-Twin paint scheme design page.  This page includes the final specifications for that paint scheme so that you can see what the end product of an aircraft paint scheme design project looks like.


Scheme Designers also supply beautiful high quality desktop models.  Each desktop model is individually hand carved from a block of mahogany, and then individually detailed to match your aircraft.  Visit our aircraft desktop model page for more information.


We are standing by to answer your questions.  If you have any questions regarding paint scheme design services, aircraft paint shop selection or aircraft desktop models, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail Scheme Designers.