Sample Projects - Vinyl Designs

Note:  Web image quality is significantly lower than final printed drawings delivered to customers.

For All Designs - Copyright (c) 1998 through 2012 by Scheme Designers, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Designs may not be copied or applied to any aircraft without the express prior written permission of Craig Barnett at Scheme Designers, Inc.

There are times that a vinyl design is more appropriate than a paint design.  In some cases, this is because the design is temporary (a demonstration or show plane, or a plane on a aircraft on a short term lease), or the design may be very complex in either or both color or layout.  Some aircraft lend themselves more easily to vinyl designs as well.  Carbon Fiber, Fiberglas or Flush Riveted or Bonded Aluminum planes provide the most ideal surfaces for a vinyl design.  Aircraft with lots of rivets and skin joints tend to do better in paint.  Designs that do not have lot of color coverage and are primarily stripe based, also lend themselves to vinyl.

Scheme Designers has designed many vinyl designs for a wide range of aircraft, from LSAs to Kit Planes, certified general aviation aircraft to airliners.  In addition to completing the design and specification of vinyl designs, we also produce the vinyl decals for installation by any paint shop or vinyl installer, or we can undertake the installation for you directly.

Creating a vinyl design is accomplished through the same process as creating a paint scheme design.  Once the vinyl scheme design is completed, we will provide a detailed quotation for the supply of the vinyl decals, and for installation if required.  We deliver kits for installation worldwide, and will even provide an installation specialist, or will install vinyl at our vinyl production facility in Florida.  

Please call to discuss your specific needs - we will be happy to design the perfect vinyl scheme for you and supply all the necessary materials.

Below are a sampling of some of the Vinyl designs we have completed.

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Remos-AOPA-Photo1.jpg (58905 bytes)  Cirrus-Swirl-Photo1.JPG (40477 bytes)

Seminole-Decals-Piper-Photo1.JPG (2790607 bytes) 

Matrix-Decals-Piper-Photo1.JPG (2781038 bytes)  Matrix-Decals-Piper-Photo2.JPG (2787107 bytes) 

Meridian-Vickers1.jpg (158660 bytes)  Meridian-Vickers2.jpg (145934 bytes)  Meridian-Vickers3.jpg (134946 bytes)  Meridian-Vickers4.jpg (162232 bytes) 

B737-VictoryJet-Photo1.jpg (112915 bytes)  B737-VictoryJet-Photo2.jpg (29653 bytes)