Piper Turbo Lance II

This TX based Lance gets a whole new look with a modern styled paint scheme including ribbons and flowing lines.  This scheme does wonders for an aircraft that is very difficult to design an attractive scheme for.

Hi, Craig:
We have reviewed, they look superb!

I know I am repeating myself, but for over two years I struggled for ANY
inspiration into a paint scheme, no paint shop was willing to help, nothing
in magazines or other sources caught our attention...we were almost at the
point of just replicating the 1978 paint scheme, since the airframe sorely
needs corrosion protection/new paint for survival.  

Then, by chance, I saw the 2001 Saratoga TC scheme you designed down in Corpus Christi, and its allure was immediate!  We believe old N841WB will be even more attractive.

Thanks again for your quick, professional and truly inspired work.  Once it's
painted we will be certain to send photos for your gallery...hopefully it
will only be the first of many other l978/79 Piper PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance
to get a new aesthetic lease on life...there are lots of tired/sad
looking ones out in the field.

Warmest regards,
Steve & Robin Wilson 
Southlake, TX, August 2001

Piper Turbo Lance II - Profile DRawing

Piper Turbo Lance II - Plan View