Cessna 182RG

If I were to repaint my Cessna 182RG, this is how I would want it done.  This stunning scheme was designed over a period of several years with the owner.  The end product looks as if it just rolled off the production line.

The airplane looks incredible.  Not because it belongs to me, but because I chose to work with Scheme Designers and Tejas Aero Services.  Craig, I think I mentioned once before that I would hate to see this design on every airplane on the ramp.  But should you ever decide to repaint your airplane, I would consider it a privilege and an honor to share the same design with the master of aviation paint scheme design.  There is no doubt in my mind that using Scheme Designers to design and specify your paint scheme is an essential step in getting your plane painted.  Craig Barnett at Scheme Designers is a great asset to the aviation community.

                                           Roger Pohlner, April 2009